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Photos from Sweden. Nature and Culture. The Church Ulrika Eleonora in Söderhamn.

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This site will show some of my photos. Some will show my aquarium and my underwater photography. Nature have always been a favourite.

The Church Ulrika Eleonora






Photo © Wiljo Jonsson
The Church Ulrika Eleonora was built in the late 1600 in Söderhamn, Sweden.
Ulrika Eeonora Trönö old Church Trönö old church Oskarsborg
Stora Karlsö Mittådalen Mittådalen Mittådalen
Florån Florån Blacksåsen Norrlandsporten
Horses on meadow Flästa Wood anemones City wall of Visby
Ålsjön White frost on birch Boulognerskogen Källparken
Knupbodarna Old garden Bridge Segersta Ångersjön
Skärså Sweden Solar System Orbaden Discarded fighter
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